Joomla Theme Design

We at Xigmapro aim to add a signature to your online identity. Taking the traditional web design and web development as an experienced SEO and Web design company provide you with custom Joomla template design and development to make your joomla installation as distinctive as your corporate logo. By using our Joomla theme design templates, which are typically customized for you, your site remains unique and let you enjoy the advantages of powerful Joomla. Besides developing the Joomla theme design for you we walk a few extra miles with you and install your template on your website for no additional cost and also configure a sample menu, article, and module for you which in turn guide you in configuring your new site.

As your IT outsourcing partner we take your PSD, PNG or JPG and convert it to a high quality Joomla Template. Expect to receive a completely functional and administrator installable Joomla template.

We adhere to the following step by step process for our Joomla theme design.

  • First we slice PSD in an optimal manner
  • We employ the best-practices for writing valid XHTML/CSS code
  • Our next step is to add PHP and Joomla tags to complete the conversion to a working Joomla template
  • Our team of experts ensures that all modules are collapsible and “grow” according to specification
  • We perform the browser compatibility testing for all the major browsers

All our custom Joomla theme design adhere to the following guidelines

  • W3C Valid XHTML/CSS
  • Fully collapsible module positions
  • Optimized code for search engine optimization
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Pre-Sale support and post development support

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