Visitors Ignoring Your Call to Action?

Tell me honestly, how many times have you heard that it is significant to have a clear ‘call to action’ on your website? Perhaps a number of time right! Yes, this is important because the visitor must be invited to take action and to do something to complete the transaction. Well, this can range from purchasing the product to subscription or even providing of information. A well designed, customized and scanable call to action can have a tremendously positive impact on your business.

Still, one of the most overlooked aspects of call to action is its wording. As a matter of fact it is not a good idea tolet your visitor think much on what to do next when it comes to the point of  ‘call to action’.


Most common mistake: Let’s say you are the professional service company. Now think that you want the vistors to take a look at your site and take a consultation with you through the online form. So, ypu have made the primary call to actiopn as ‘REQUEST FOR CONSULTATION’. Ouch that’s a costly mistake indeed because the browser would be interested to judge you as a service provider initially before taking the consultation. Prior writing your call to action it is certainly better to do little thinking. Employ your website analytics to find out what pages people visit just before requesting a consultation. The browser surely have a list of questions about your company, try to find out those.

Tip 1: Once you figure out what questions you need to answer it is the time to direct the visitors to the page which answers their questions. Your landing page call to action should contain “See our portfolio”. ” our case stidies”, “Services we offer”, to offer answers to their WH questions.

Tip 2: Place whatever content your customers are looking for right at the home page. It is all about providing appropriate goods on the platter for your visitor as soon as they visit your page.

Here are a few other factors to consider when reviewing your website’s call to action:

Point 1: Let’s accept the fact – not all of your website visitors are the same so it is of aparamount importance to look at each of these traffic sources befopre jumping at the conclusion on what your website visitors do and don’t. Also, there are visitors who are hardly aware about your product yet so pay special attention to these visitors since they are the prospective customers our office. Well, how do you like the idea of creating landing pages for each of your services? This way you can easily segment your traffic by visitor role and customize your calls-to-action for each of them.

Point 2: Never simply rewrite your call to action and launch it. Get it checked by conducting A/B testing. A good way to do this is by using the Google Website Optimizer.

DO NOT make your call to action

  • Cluttered and unclear
  • Confusing with too many choices
  • Asking too much information from the user
  • Using too many visual distractions
  • Using too much text on the page

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